Introducing Silklofts

Post Industrial Elegance

SilkLofts, a century-old factory turned luxury apartment community. SilkLofts isn’t just a place to sleep. It’s a place to truly feel at home. You could live here. Really LIVE!

Unique Features

Silk lofts boasts a singular list of features and amenities, including exposed brick, heavy timbers, high windows, towering ceilings, a garden courtyard and a gym; even a community pizza oven.

The History of Silklofts

The Maiden Form Brassiere Co.

Once the largest employer in Bayonne, the Maidenform pioneered the modern brassiere, shaping a generation. A recent Mad Men episode (titled “Maidenform”) dramatized the impact of this iconic brand on the apparel industry and our entire culture.


The Maidenform Factory produced all manner of women’s undergarments. It even played a role in World War II, turning out parachutes and even pigeon vests, which helped paratroopers communicate vital information during key campaigns.

A Story of Sustainability

Exterior Renovation

In 2009, Doug Stern and Leon Cohen developed a vision to transform this forgotten and aging complex into a one-of-a-kind luxury residence. An enclave for those who appreciate the best in old school materials and craftsmanship and in modern amenities.

Interior Transformation

SilkLofts anticipates LEED certification and our adaptive reuse strategy assures a minimum carbon footprint and environmental impact compared to demolition and new construction, transforming an abandoned old factory into luxury residences.

Environmental Benefits

By reducing the amount of new materials required, The SilkLofts adaptive re-use of the Maidenform Factory has provided enormous environmental benefits:


Hundreds of thousands of bricks re-used (avoiding the production of new ones).


Thousands of pounds of steel and hundreds of tons of concrete re-used.


Millions of BTU’s of carbon avoided that would have been required to produce, store, and ship, and install these items.


Reduced landfill usage due to all the old brick and materials that were not discarded.

Sustainability Features


Three-layered Windows,

Low E glass with argon gas, more efficient than standard windows, to lower your utility bills and energy usage.


LG Multi-V HVAC Systems

One of the world’s most efficient systems, and also one of the quietest.


Energy-saving Gadgets

All kitchen appliances are all energy-efficient, allowing you to use less energy to perform regular tasks.


Recycle and Reuse

It is our belief that whatever can be saved, should be saved and reused, so we promote and facilitate recycling


Recycled Materials

From structural sub floors, brick for repairs, and even the asphalt in our parking lots.


Bamboo flooring in many residences

Not only one of the hardest and most durable hardwood floors, but also one of the most eco-friendly materials.

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